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Diet Coke’s ‘Just for the taste of it’ jingle gets a glam makeover in a new spot

Droga5 London and Thundercat give the beverage and its jingle the seductive retro feel just because…

Droga5 London’s first work for Diet Coke is a cocktail of retro and glam, with a remixed version of the beverage’s jingle acting as the shiny lemon wedge.

Grammy-award winning act Thundercat has given the ‘Just for the taste of it’ jingle a slow laid-back feel. It fits right in with the clips of people dancing in a bowling alley, a guy in a three-piece suit sipping Diet Coke while riding on a mechanical bunny, and a woman who rips her bra off in the back of a car.

Helmed by director Autumn De Wilde (of Emma fame), the spot comes at a time when the United Kingdom has opened itself after a strenuous lockdown to keep the Coronavirus at bay.