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Digidarts wins the digital mandate for HomeSharp

The collaboration aims to expand reach to consumers through innovative marketing funnels and strategic data-driven targeting.

HomeSharp is a Mumbai-based luxury real estate platform and advisory that’s dedicated to simplifying the home-buying experience. With a commitment to authentic listings and a personalised concierge service, it aims to keep the homebuyer well-informed throughout every step of the buying journey.

HomeSharp's smart home-buying aims to integrate advanced technology with expertise in real estate development and the luxury property market, aiming to transform this process into a joyful and memorable experience.

To enhance their mission of providing luxury homes to a broad audience through effective brand awareness and data-driven marketing strategies, HomeSharp has partnered with Digidarts, a 360° performance marketing agency. Digidarts champions the belief that everyone deserves a seamless journey when purchasing their dream home and leads HomeSharp’s digital marketing efforts with their signature BullsEye performance marketing solutions.

By deploying innovative marketing funnels and leveraging strategic, data-driven targeting, Digidarts is set to broaden HomeSharp's reach to the most relevant consumers. Yazad R. Irani, the founder of HomeSharp, remarks, “Our partnership with Digidarts is rooted in a mutual commitment to precision and excellence. As we set out to redefine the luxury real estate sector, Digidarts' expertise in engaging with discerning consumers resonates deeply with our ambition to not just meet but surpass the expectations of Mumbai's discerning homebuyers. This collaboration is more than just strategic alignment; it represents our shared vision of seamlessly translating the aspirational dreams of Mumbai's elite into tangible realities. Together, we're not just making connections; we're crafting legacies.”

Siddhartha Vanvani, the founder of Digidarts, shares his enthusiasm, “We are excited to collaborate with HomeSharp. Yazad has conceptualised a revolutionary approach that has the potential to dramatically change the luxury real estate scene in India. Our goal is to optimise the user acquisition process and penetrate the real estate market with BullsEye strategies, positioning HomeSharp as a frontrunner in the luxury real estate domain.”

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