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Digit Insurance unveils "That’s it!” campaign with Virat Kohli, highlighting easy insurance claims

The ad campaign aims to demystify the notion that making an insurance claim is complicated.

Go Digit General Insurance (Digit Insurance), a new-age insurance company, announced the launch of its latest brand campaign That’s it! with its brand ambassador Virat Kohli. The campaign, which focuses on transforming ‘Doubt to Delight’ when it comes to filing of insurance claims, was launched ahead of Super 8 matches at the ICC T20 World Cup.

The ad campaign aims to demystify the notion that making an insurance claim is complicated and showcases the swiftness and ease of submitting a claim, turning doubt into an unexpectedly delightful experience for its customers, making them go “That’s It?”. Set against the backdrop of a surreal city, the ad film showcases Virat Kohli portraying the character of an uncle (chachu) paired with a niece (bhatiji).

In the ad, the character of Kohli and the niece can be seen looking at their car that has multiple dents due to an unusual scenario of three coconuts falling on the vehicle. The duo discusses in doubt whether their claim will be easily submitted or not. Fretting over the lengthy process that may lie ahead, both hesitantly call the customer care executive of Digit Insurance.

Digit Insurance unveils "That’s it!” campaign with Virat Kohli, highlighting easy insurance claims

Both Kohli and the niece can be seen trying to explain the bizarre coconut damage scenario in a haphazard manner. Digit’s customer care executive quickly understands the problem and assures them that it is a common issue in their area and that they can simply record the video of the damage and the claim will successfully get submitted. This baffles Kohli and his niece with both of them reacting “THAT’S IT?” as they are delighted to know they do not need to do anything else; contrary to their earlier notion of claim submission being complicated.

"Digit customers most often are delightfully shocked when they experience simplicity and smoothness during our insurance claims submission process. For the campaign, we focused particularly on the aspect of turning doubt to delight that our customers experience with us. Over the years, we have really gone that extra mile to simplify our processes through innovative tech-backed processes. Contrary to the doubt customers have of claims filing being complex, there is very little our customers have to do, and that really delights them, making them go "THAT'S IT?" when they experience our services," said Tanya Marwah, head of marketing and corporate communications, Digit Insurance.

Virat added, "The idea of "That's it!" for Digit's ad campaign resonated with me because I think people generally have this perception that filing an insurance claim is going to be a very long and complicated process. However, Digit, using its tech innovation, is changing this perception by making their claims process easy, quick, and pretty smooth; to the extent that it literally makes you go, "THAT’S IT?"

Akshat Gupt, director, co-founder and CCO, Kulfi Collective, said, "Let's be honest. Nobody really looks forward to lengthy process of filing insurance claims. But Digit is changing the game, making insurance easy and accessible for everyone. We wanted to capture how unexpectedly delightful dealing with Digit can be—making people say, 'That's it!' We're thrilled to have worked with the brand team and Kohli to bring this campaign to life."

The ad campaign will play throughout the Super 8 stage of T20 World Cup and will also be showcased in multiple cinema theatres pan-India, apart from various OTTs and social media.

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