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Disney+ Hotstar introduces pause ads on its CTV platform

Additionally, it offers other CTV ad formats like auto-expanding billboards, prerolls, midrolls, and click-to-WhatsApp integrations.

Disney+ Hotstar has launched an advertising feature: Pause Ads exclusively for its Connected TV (CTV) feed, making it the first platform in the country to introduce this format. This move follows the earlier introduction of 3-D breakout billboards for mobile, reaffirming Disney+ Hotstar's commitment to pioneering advertising solutions.

On average, users pause content 4-5 times a day, with over 90% of these pauses lasting less than 10 seconds. Pause ads offer a non-intrusive ad experience by integrating advertisements into these natural user-initiated breaks.

Commenting on the launch, Dhruv Dhawan, head of Ads at Disney+ Hotstar, said, “The launch of pause ads has generated significant excitement among our clients in the CPG, FMCG, F&B, and Auto sectors, Marico, Mondelez and ITC have been amongst the early adopters. We will continue to innovate and bring best-in-class solutions to our advertisers.”

Disney+ Hotstar introduces pause ads on its CTV platform

Somasree Bose Awasthi, CMO, Marico, added, "At Saffola, our larger brand ethos is to encourage Indians to embrace a healthier lifestyle. This year, on the occasion of World Health Day we collaborated with Disney+ Hotstar to launch a contextual campaign via Pause Ads on CTV. A powerful context relevant occasion was activated for the initiative every time the Disney+ Hotstar user initiated a break, this was built on the consumer insight that a large majority of content pause occasions are initiated around snacking. A perfect time for brand Saffola to remind our consumer to choose 'better for you' foods from the Saffola Franchise as a healthier alternative. Disney+ Hotstar's CTV Pause ads served as the perfect platform for Saffola to advocate healthy eating, and we look forward to strengthening our association with the platform other innovative disruptions in the future as well."

Anjali Madan, director consumer experience at Mondelez India added, "At Mondelez, we have always been at the forefront of pioneering innovation in advertising and are thrilled to associate with Disney+ Hotstar to launch CTV ‘Pause Ads’ in India with our 'Tang Summer Break Bestie' campaign. Through this campaign, we wanted to provide an interactive platform for mothers and their kids to beat summer boredom, unleash their creativity and design their own animated bestie using fun AR-like effects. Leveraging innovative format of CTV ‘Pause Ads' enabled us to reach our consumers seamlessly and convey our messaging in a more non-intrusive and effective manner, thus fostering a more positive and memorable brand interaction. We look forward to continuing this successful collaboration and leveraging such new marketing technologies for our future campaigns."

Disney+ Hotstar introduces pause ads on its CTV platform

Sanjay Srinivas, vice president - Health & Hygiene, Personal Care Products Business, ITC added, "Innovative ad formats, especially on streaming platforms, help transform brand connect with audiences. Pause Ad is an interesting innovation that helps break the clutter without intruding the viewing experience and attracts attention. ITC Savlon is one of the first brands to deploy pause ads to deliver contextual messaging for its campaign on handwashing. The innovation has helped the campaign amplify reach and views in an engaging way."

In addition to pause ads, Disney+ Hotstar offers advertisers a diverse suite of CTV ad formats including auto-expanding CTV billboards, prerolls and midroll ads, and click-to-WhatsApp integrations. These options are designed to enhance brand equity and maximise engagement with CTV audiences, who are among the most premium and attentive viewers, providing advertisers with an exclusive opportunity to connect with them during their most engaged moments.

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