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Brands which lit up the Diwali mood

A look at some of the ad campaigns from this year which stood out.

As the country gears up to celebrate Diwali, brands are lighting up the mood of the audience with their unique campaigns. Here is a look at some of the ad campaigns from this year which have stood out from the rest.

Sabhyata’s #RedefineCelebration Diwali ad

While there is no dearth of content-led ads that are released during the festive season especially Diwali, some of the stories narrated in these ads linger on in the mind of the audiences longer. Sabhyata’s Diwali campaign is one such campaign which attempts to change societal norms. The casting of acclaimed actors like Sheeba Chaddha and Ayesha Kaduskar and the peaceful pace at which the story unfolds instantly captures the viewer’s interest.

The ad film executed by ‘P se Picture’ takes a subtle dig at the organisations that ask personal questions to women in a job interviews like details about marriage and family planning. These details have nothing to do with a professional’s performance or productivity at their jobs. The ‘Sabhyata bag’ as a Diwali gift finds a seamless fit in the ad film’s narrative. The storyline has real-life instances that make it relatable and the attention to detail on various elements of the ad film makes this one stand out during the festive season ads clutter.

OPPO's ad film focus on inspirational Diwali

Smart device brand, OPPO, came up with a very interesting and inspirational Diwali campaign with a motto #InspirationAhead. The film sends a message about how different thinking can provide an out-of-the-box solution to a problem.

Directed by Alok Kulkarni, the TVC opens with a phone call to a parent whose child is in trouble at school for incessant doodling all over the premises. The mother, annoyed by his behaviour, needs him to mend his ways. The film then cuts to showcase their housing society where there have been multiple instances of kids and adults getting injured from unseen potholes. To solve this, the child doodle around the potholes with fluorescent markers to help residents navigate around them.

Jar app's striking ad #BuddhiJeeviBuddhiLaga

The Jar app has moved from using celebrities, the OG influencers, to sell itself to mocking the new generation of social media financial influencers. The app asks you to use your brains and logic rather than incessantly absorbing all the gyan influencers dole out in reels. The ad's timing is opportune because these peddlers of financial information have become the go-to folks for young people looking for answers on how to spend their money.

The ad features Piyush Mishra in a music show format with the hashtag #BuddhiJeeviBuddhiLaga.

Netflix's #HousefulWaaliDiwali ad

Netflix's #HousefulWaaliDiwali ad really tugs your heartstrings. The ad portrays how Diwali is celebrated in Cherrapunji, a village in Meghalaya that is known to be the wettest place on Earth, for the amount of rainfall it receives annually. The rain is quite a dampener for the villagers during Diwali and the ad shows how it ruins all the festivities. However, it ends with the message that nothing can dampen the spirit of Diwali when you have your family around.

It has another subtle message. In the excitement around the festivities, we tend to forget others around us. This ad makes us think about a far away village in Meghalaya and how they celebrate the festival amidst the never-ending rain.

While doing so, the ad effectively conveys that Netflix can bring the family together, not just around the television but also on our mobile devices.

Nilon's and ASMR

Spices and pickle's brand Nilon's decided to let ASMR do the talking this Diwali. The campaign conceptualised by M&C Saatchi February is a simple 30 second ad that makes a statement about noise-pollution.

A knife slicing a mango, an assotment of spices being turned to a fine powder in a food processor, and poori crackling as it is being fried along are some of the familar sounds from the kitchen that are featured in this ad.

The ad ends with the words - Let your favourite food make the only noise this Diwali.

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