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DMRC installs smart lockers on metro stations ; partners with e-commerce platforms

The smart lockers are one of the features being offered by the DMRC with the ‘Momentum 2.0' app.

The DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) has installed smart lockers on various metro stations in the capital city. These lockers are one of the many initiatives that the DMRC is providing to commuters through its new app ‘momentum 2.0’. 

The DMRC had earlier announced the launch of India’s first virtual shopping app for metro commuters. Metro commuters can e-shop  various products through the app and have the products salefly deposited inside these lockers.

Although the DMRC has not disclosed which e-commerce platforms it is partnering with, a few lockers were spotted on metro stations.

The smart lockers as spotted on Metro stations
The smart lockers as spotted on Metro stations

“These smart boxes will offer secure, tech-enabled management of parcels, security items, and products.These user-friendly lockers will work for the fastest delivery and retrieval cycles in association with e-commerce players,” the DMRC had said in an earlier announcement.

The new app also allows commuters to make smart payments and book last-mile commute like cabs and bikes before stepping out of the railway stations.

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