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Does Burger King’s Ch’King pose a threat to the Whopper?

The QSR’s latest spot has got the King all terrified.

Burger King’s prized Whopper is under threat. No, it’s not from another burger of a rival company, but from someone within the Burger King (BK) family. It’s the new chicken sandwich - hand-breaded Ch’King.

Does Burger King’s Ch’King pose a threat to the Whopper?

The American QSR giant unveiled its chicken sandwich earlier this year. It was a late entry to the ongoing chicken war among fast food giants in America. Ch’King will take on the chicken sandwiches of Wendy’s, KFC, McDonald’s and its sibling brand Popeyes, which Restaurant Brands International owns along with BK.

To promote Ch’King, Agency David Miami envisioned a dream-like sequence where the King (BK’s mascot) is terrified after seeing social media messages praising the Ch’King. A YouTuber remarks, “The Whopper better run.” The voice of Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor Paul Giamatti of Billions fame then asks, "Has the Whopper finally met its match?"

The point here is that Ch’King is not just good, it’s scary good and has enough juice to take on the mighty Whopper.

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