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Terrace romance with a twist in new Domino's spot

The new ad film for Jubilant FoodWorks' QSR brand Domino's Pizza features covert non-vegetarians secretly eating pizza.

The joke about India being home to several types of vegetarians/non-vegetarians is not just another joke. Almost all of us know people who alter their gastronomical inclinations depending on days of the week, situations, time, location, among other external influences. Jubilant FoodWorks' pizza brand Domino's Pizza's latest ad campaign features closet non-vegetarians — veg on the outside and non-veg on the inside.

The ad features a newly-wed couple having pizza on the terrace of their house. The wife is surprised that her partner bought two separate pizza boxes. When questioned by his wife, the husband reveals that he is a secret non-vegetarian. The wife goes on to grab a slice of the non-veg pizza and opens up with, “I don't eat vegetarian on the terrace.” While the campaign #DilDostiDominos is about bringing people together and enhancing relationships, the film takes note of a few things about Indian consumers.

"...good food has always been a glue for relationships, especially Domino’s Pizza. Being a shareable product has been at the centre of many such stories where 'friends become family and families become friends," says Kapil Grover, chief marketing officer, Domino’s Pizza India in a press statement.

The SRS (Sample Registration System) survey (2014) by the Government of India reveals that 71 per cent of Indians are non-vegetarian with only 28.85 per cent vegetarian population. Within that, Dominos's communication acknowledges closet non-vegetarians as a consumer segment, which is apt for the QSR brand.

Not allowing non-vegetarian food items inside vegetarian households but allowing consumption and cooking outside is as Indian as it gets. Many Indian households permit consumption and preparation of non-veg food items provided it takes place outside and away from the main residential unit. And, restaurant ordered non-veg food is an easy solution to cravings. A husband and wife opening up about personal food choices brings forth the situation of arranged marriages in the country when at times complete strangers are married off. The partners (like in the ad) get to know each other better post marriage.

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The campaign has been crafted by FCB Ulka, Delhi, Domino's agency of record. Launched on November 1, the campaign has a multimedia approach and is live on various mediums including TV, digital and in-store collateral.

Expert speak:

Sunit Khot, chief strategy officer, Network Advertising says, “Pizza, unlike burgers is shared food. That lends a pizza brand beautifully for any idea that leverages friendship. To that extent, the idea that secrets get unveiled over a pizza, and friendships evolve over a pizza seems to be a very nice and insightful zone for the brand to occupy.”

Sunit Khot
Sunit Khot

"However, the particular situation shown in this communication is about a newly wed couple. These days, it would be a slight leap of faith to assume that they did not even know each other’s food preferences till they got married. That said, it’s a cute situation. However, other situations with the same brief could have been more relatable than a newly married couple," Khot explains.

"It’s more about people getting close enough over a pizza to reveal their secrets. I feel the veg/non-veg is a bit of a distraction from the core idea of the brand. It remains to be seen if they take the brand thought of ‘Dil, Dosti, Dominos’ with more relatable situations without the veg/non-veg debate or discussion,” he adds.

Viren Razdan
Viren Razdan

Viren Razdan, managing director, Brand-nomics, a strategy consulting company, says, “It's a great Indian food moment. The occasion revolves around fasting so food takes an ultra important place in the ritual of breaking the fast. Top that with a hilariously prevalent custom of negotiating with tradition (veg only days, don’t eat non-veg at home, etc.), giving this ad a lovely traditional base with a contemporary crust. Love it. Execution, too, is tops. Domino’s benefit is making a place in our contemporary culture moments and this one makes it smoothly,” Razdan adds.

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