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Donear Group introduces Neo Stretch fabric ft. Tiger Shroff, Natasha Bharadwaj, and Jannat Z Rehmani

The campaign was directed by Mihir Gulati and produced by DreamsVaultMedia and BANG ON Films.

Donear Group, a lifestyle and fashion house, steps into the spotlight to revolutionise the world of fashion with ‘Freedom To Move’, a musical sensation. Featuring Tiger Shroff, Natasha Bharadwaj, and Jannat Zubair Rehmani, the track launches Neo Stretch Fabric, a stretch fabric, that promises freedom with every move.

Directed by music video director Mihir Gulati and produced by DreamsVaultMedia and BANG ON Films for Donear studios, the launch celebrates entertainment and fashion. It brings a rhythm to freedom in movement with this textile innovation, delivering breathability, flexibility, and comfort, setting a new standard in the market.

According to the release, Neo Stretch suiting fabrics will be available in various blends such as polyester viscose, cotton, linen, and wool, catering to diverse preferences. The campaign's objective is to carve a niche for Neo Stretch, establishing it among distinguished specialty fabric segments like Liva and Lycra.

On the association, Tiger Shroff shared, “I'm absolutely thrilled to be a part of the 'Freedom To Move' project. This track is a celebration of comfort allowing me to express myself through the seamless fusion of music and effortless movement. Personally, as someone who incorporates stretching into my pre-performance routine and gymnastics, Neo Stretch has been a game-changer. It eliminates any concerns about comfort, allowing me to stretch according to my flexibility."

Rajendra V. Agarwal, MD, Donear Industries on the launch shared, “Choosing Tiger Shroff as the brand ambassador for Neo Stretch was a natural fit. His dynamic energy and effortless style resonate with the essence of our innovative fabric, Neo Stretch. We at Donear believe that with Neo Stretch, we will set new benchmarks in the world of textiles.”

Speaking about Freedom To Move campaign, Aakash Mishra, AVP of brand marketing, Donear Group, shared, “The idea behind ‘Freedom To Move’ campaign was to create an experience with a niche for specialty fabrics, and Neo Stretch is our flagship product leading this revolution. Stay tuned for the exciting journey of innovation and creativity."

Mihir Gulati on the release expressed, “It was a fun experience directing ‘Freedom To Move’ featuring Tiger, Jannat and Natasha. The concept of the video is to break boundaries and redefine entertainment that aligns with the essence of Neo-Stretch."

Bollywood stylist Kazim Delhiwala on the launch of the campaign shared, “Creating the wardrobe for Tiger, Jannat and Natasha from the ‘Neo Stretch Freedom To Move’ collection was a creative journey. It was a fun challenge, and Neo Stretch surely enhances the overall experience making visual narrative come alive without compromising on comfort."

Step into a world where every move is a dance, and every dance is an expression of freedom with Neo Stretch, the four-way stretch fabric. Donear Group introduces a fabric that's not just worn, it's experienced, that aligns with the rhythm of entertainment.

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