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Dove deepfakes moms to tackle toxic beauty advice from influencers

What’s more influential than a mom advocating toxic beauty practices to her daughter?

Isn’t it startling to see a mom spout unrealistic and toxic beauty standards to her daughter? It is exactly what Unilever-owned Dove and Ogilvy asked themselves and then went on to create the ad film ‘Toxic Influence’.

“Using face-mapping technology, we put highly toxic advice into the mouths of their moms,” reads a line in the ad as moms and their daughters sit together while the latter scrolls through a list of beauty influencers.

One of the reasons for the film was how much parents underestimate the toxicity of beauty advice on social media.

This campaign follows in the footsteps of ‘The Dove Self-Esteem Project’ from April 2021, featuring a 60-second ad made by Ogilvy, which showed how much pressure young girls feel regarding their appearance on social media when they post a selfie.

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