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Dove encourages consumers to 'Pause, Reverse, and Play' for healthier hair

The brand has launched a campaign crafted by The Glitch to introduce its 10-in-1 Deep Repair Treatment Mask.

Dove, a personal care brand owned by Unilever, has announced the launch of its new 10-in-1 Deep Repair Treatment Mask with its Pause, Reverse, and Play campaign. Modern lifestyles, chemical treatments, and environmental stressors often result in damaged hair. Recognising this, Dove has launched a campaign, conceptualised by The Glitch, encouraging consumers to Pause, Reverse, and Play for healthier hair.

Dove's Deep Repair 10-in-1 Treatment Mask becomes a pivotal element in this regimen, helping "Reverse" hair damage with potent Bio-Protein Care. The campaign encourages adding a hair mask to weekly haircare routine to hit reverse on damage, and "Play" again with revitalised, healthy hair, fostering a renewed sense of confidence.

At the heart of the film is Dove's 10-in-1 Deep Repair Hair Treatment Mask, an innovative formula designed to meet the unique needs of hair that dances to its own beat. This transformative mask, enriched with 8% Bio-Protein Fusion, penetrates into the deepest layers of hair, reversing up to 3 years of accumulated damage. The brand takes viewers through a narrative that highlights the simplicity and effectiveness of incorporating the new mask into their hair care routine.

“At Dove, we're committed to crafting premium hair care solutions tailored to our consumers' needs. Our latest campaign highlights the influence of lifestyle on hair health and introduces our newest addition to the damage care range. Embracing individuality and self-expression, our brand film celebrates the journey to beautiful hair’’, expressed Sairam Subramanian, vice president, Hair Care, HUL.

The brand has kicked off the campaign with 450+ beauty and lifestyle influencers to share their hair transformations on social media and encourages their followers to further share their own transformation stories and experiences. The posts can be viewed under the hashtag: #pausereverseplaywithdove

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