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Dove India’s new campaign shines light against social media body shaming

Says every kind of body deserves love and adds its Paraben-free lotion nourishes and loves everybody.

Dove’s new campaign is its latest push to promote women’s self-esteem. This time, the Unilever personal care brand is casting its gaze on body positivity and self-love.

Called “Har Body Ko Pyaar Ka Haq”, the campaign’s 30-second ad tells us the story of Diksha, a content creator who faced social media bullying because of her body weight.

She reveals people told her to lose weight before posting photographs of herself. When asked what she’d like to say to her body, we see her beam with self-love for her body and herself.

A voiceover says Dove agrees with Diksha and that everybody deserves love and references its Dove Body Love Paraben-Free Lotions which offer nothing but nourishment and love to the body.

In April of this year, Dove had launched the ‘Self-Esteem Project’ which aimed to reverse the side-effects of the all invasive selfie culture.

Earlier this year in February, Dove India released the ‘Stop the Beauty test’ campaign that recreated life stories of women who were rejected by the families of their potential husbands during their first meetings.

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