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Droga5 gets Alexa to interrupt epic moments in new ads

Whilst hilarious, it’s a sign of how comfortable we’re becoming with voice-enabled devices… “A voice is all you need.”

A death scene, especially one in a Lord of the Rings-eque show, isn’t just heartbreaking. It also captures your every emotion. God forbid if you miss it, or if you’re interrupted, you will rue it for a very long time. This was in the past.

Now, you can just tell them to “do it again.” No, this isn’t sorcery, or dark magic, but the power of Alexa, the virtual assistant from e-commerce giant Amazon. Although, if someone would have said this two decades ago, many would have considered it sorcery.

Droga5 London, an advertising agency, has released two spots for Alexa.

In the first 83-second ad, a guy’s busy ironing and, hence, misses the pivotal death scene. He asks Alexa to rewind so many times that the elvish warrior exclaims, “I am trying to die here…”

The second spot takes us to a Victorian era opera scene filled with hoity-toity listeners. But, everything goes for a toss when a guy, who’s dressed for sunbathing, slides in and asks the singer to perform something more fun. Cue to the present, he asks Alexa to “add it to my ‘Summer Vibes’ playlist.”

The global campaign targets the millions of people who haven’t experienced voice technology, demonstrating that “your wish is Alexa’s command, and there aren’t many that she can’t fulfil. It’s like your own personal genie in a box,” commented Shelley Smoler, Droga5 London’s ECD as per BandT Australia.

The two ads take us back to the epic Alexa ad for Super Bowl 2020. It had talk show superstar Ellen DeGeneres ask her real-life partner Portia de Rossi a pertinent question in today's tech-enveloped world, "What do you think people did before Alexa?".