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Dunzo Celebrates “Pride” beyond June

The campaign shares a strong message on how Pride isn’t just a color of a month on the calendar.

Globally, June is considered the pride month and there are numerous discussions around the LGBTQ community and their causes during this month. However, beyond June the focus on the topic of pride diminishes.

India’s leading q-commerce platform Dunzo is doing something different. Over the past few years, Dunzo has tried to create awareness and educational content on Pride across the different brand channels such as their social media, in-app communication, and offline activities.

This year they have weaved their story by integrating 3D and 2D animation styles and shared a strong message on how Pride isn’t just a color of a month on the calendar. Dunzo has been conscious about representing the different voices in the community, and this had inspired them to introduce two queer mascots, Jasmeet & Careline Ringraj to Duniverse- Dunzo Mascot Universe, who are the main characters in this video.

The video serves as an eye-opener for many and is a stark reminder of how the conversations around the community should not be secluded after June. It’s about representation and how it should be imbibed into our value system. For Dunzo, building an inclusive and safe workspace for the LGBTQ community continues to remain a focus throughout the year.

Last year, Dunzo hosted events with notable LGBTQIA+ advocates who enlightened and delighted the team with their humor and stories about life in India as a member and ally of the LGBTQIA+ community.

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