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Durex lambasts 'normal', calls for better and safer sex

The condom maker calls out arms, legs, bums, and private parts for the world has never been so ready for change.

"The world has never been so ready for change," says the narrator and it hits your head. The pandemic and the lockdown has forced all of us to rethink how we live our lives and take action to get better.

Why not the same for sex?

Durex in this ad says for far too long, 'normal' defined the rubbish excuses men made to not wear a condom, the shame women endured for carrying a condom, and the one million STIs.

It says we can use 2020 to not go back to normal and instead do better. As countries emerge from the lockdown and people mingle and get intimate, having safe and better sex must remain a priority because going back to what we were before the pandemic just doesn't cut it anymore.

Also, the ad video features straight, gay, lesbian, and interracial couples too as Durex happens to be one of the most progressive brands we have in today's time. For Pride Month, Durex India released a social media creative that featured the different kinds of love and sent a message, 'Only love has this range.'

This line best summed up this ad: So, when it’s time to get back out on the streets and jump back in the sheets, let’s not go back to normal. Let’s have better, safer sex. For everyone. Forever.

Havas London is behind the ad film.

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