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Durex's TVC promotes couples to revive passion, and enhance intimacy

The campaign aims to promote healthy sexual relationships and enhance self-esteem among couples.

Durex announced the launch of #ExplorersWanted campaign, featuring a range of Durex Lubes. The campaign is designed to spark a renewed sense of intimacy among couples by building anticipation around mysterious destinations, only to unveil that these places of allure are, in fact, the contours and landscapes of their partner’s body.

Durex’s consumer insights indicate that couples are bored of routine sex, where intimacy becomes monotonous rather than a source of joy. This leads to sex feeling more like a chore than a fulfilling expression of love and desire.

With the new campaign, Durex urges couples to enjoy and explore each other's body during foreplay to create a more satisfying encounter. Durex seeks to revive passion and increase intimacy in the bedroom, by inviting couples to embrace their partners, which will lead to a more satisfying experience.

Kanika Kalra, regional marketing director, South Asia – Health & Nutrition, Reckitt, said, “Our consumer insights indicate that 74% Indians are tired of the routine in their sex lives and are constantly on the lookout for something new to improve their sex lives. We understand that bedroom monotony is a real issue. Durex is known for bringing such thought-provoking conversations to the forefront and providing a unique take on them. We are excited to unveil #ExplorersWanted, a campaign dedicated to reigniting the spark and passion within relationships. This campaign is an invitation for couples to explore each other and embark on a journey of discovery, deepening their emotional and physical connection.”

Durex collaborated with influencers, including @bruisedpassports, Unplannedby and @the.vogue.vanity to elevate the campaign's visibility. Leveraging their Instagram presence, these influencers sparked curiosity among followers about visiting a “secret location” and asked them to stay tuned to find out where they were traveling. In a creative twist, the mystery locations were unveiled to be their partner's body, emphasising intimacy and discovery. The campaign will culminate with the influencers sharing their personal experiences and reviews, providing an authentic glimpse into the journey of discovery and connection that Durex Lubes has crafted.

The campaign's film, directed by Anna Joseph, ingeniously transforms the human body into a canvas of enchanting landscapes. Each body part becomes a secret destination waiting to be explored by couples. From “Nape Town” to “SydKnee,” “Chest Republic,” “Thighland,” and “KyoToe,” the film weaves a sensual narrative. Lubricant flows through these metaphorical locations, inviting viewers to embark on an intimate journey. The film concludes with a provocative question: “Where will you go tonight?"

Speaking on the launch of the campaign, Anusheela Saha, NCD and head of design, FCB India, said, “When visual art is mixed with an auditory experience, it results in supreme storytelling. And that is exactly how we conceptualised “Explorers Wanted” for Durex Lubes. I had John Mayer’s song – ‘Your body is a wonderland’ playing in my head the very day we got the brief. That’s how the idea of Body-Scapes came into being. The shape of the nape, the bends of the ear, the depth of the navel, the contours of the chest, doesn’t everything look like geography? And then of course Udayan Chakravarty - the finest wordsmith in town and my copy partner, gave us intimacy in the writing with sweet doses of quirk. I can’t think of anyone else who could have matched Mayer’s words. But my biggest thanks to the cast of the film – they had to hold a pose for 6 mins long (sometimes even more), while probe lens did its magic.”

Durex as a brand has constantly maintained a distinct positioning and has always pushed boundaries to spark conversations among netizens. The brand aims to enable couples to have a healthy sexual life, and help people feel good about themselves and their partners. In India, Durex has also been focused on raising awareness on sexual health and wellbeing with its purpose program- ‘The Birds and Bees Talk’.

Durex Lubes are available in retail stores across India and e-commerce, offering a range to choose from – Flavours, Stimulation, Silicone, Massage. All products have a superior formulation.

Production House: Chalk & Cheese Films

Creative Agency: FCB India

Director: Anna Joseph

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