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Duroflex’s latest campaign urges consumers to upgrade their mattress this Diwali

Through the campaign, the sleep solutions brand has put the spotlight on ‘change your sleep, change your life’ for better health.

Diwali is a time for many people to make that big investment they were saving for. Many consider it an auspicious time to purchase high-budget products that will give them good returns later. It could be consumer durable goods, automobiles, or gold.

In its Diwali campaign, Duroflex, the leading sleep solutions brand, is asking consumers to invest in their sleep this time around. Featuring brand ambassador and actress Alia Bhatt, the film urges Indians to make a meaningful lifestyle change this Diwali - upgrading sleep essentials that can enable deep healthy sleep for a better life.

Smita Murarka, chief marketing officer, Duroflex, said, “Festivals in India are auspicious occasions for embracing changes that add value to one’s life. Over the years, upgrading home durables, décor and lifestyle products have become customary to Diwali shopping. This year, we are inspiring to people to make the biggest change of all through our message ‘change your sleep, change your life’.”

“Our campaign shows Alia Bhatt enlightening her best friend Akansha, who is seeking a big change, to upgrade her mattress and bring home a doctor recommended mattress by Duroflex. As a sleep solution brand with over five decades of expertise, we strongly believe that good sleep on a research backed mattress can deeply enrichen one’s life. We have been leading this change with our innovative sleep product and communication over the years.”

In the film, Bhatt advises her friend to change her mattress to Duroflex and upgrade her sleep essentials to make a good change this Diwali. Through the campaign, Duroflex has put the spotlight on ‘change your sleep, change your life’ for a better health and lifestyle. The ad sheds light on the brand's research-backed orthopedic mattress, with five-zoned full body support, bringing alive the message of ‘nothing like Duroflex’.

Bhatt’s real-life best friend Akansha Ranjan Kapoor appears alongside her for the first time on screen.

The campaign has been conceived by Creativeland Asia, and the films have been directed by the eminent Bollywood director Abhishek Varman. The brand has launched the campaign nationally through a multi-channel strategy.