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Duroflex’s new ad film aims to put viewers to sleep

Featuring Indian Footballer Sunil Chhetri, the ASMR video is created with soothing sounds, lights and nothing more.

Mattress brand Duroflex’s new ad film promotes better sleep habits among Indians who stay up late consuming content on the internet. According to the brand, 57% of Indians have been staying up late due to their online activities. 

To address this issue, Duroflex has partnered with Sunil Chhetri, the captain of the Indian football team, to create a unique sleep-inducing video that employs ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) techniques. The video features Chhetri relaxing on a Duroflex mattress while reading from a book. 

It's not surprising that a mattress brand would want to encourage sleep in its customers. After all, a good night's rest is what they're all about. But at just two minutes of runtime, some may wonder whether Duroflex’s effort could help viewers drift off to sleep. 

The collaboration with Chhetri is worth noting as well, given that the Indian football veteran is known for his disciplined and healthy lifestyle. While the tie-up seems fairly apt, one can speculate if the video is part of a longer film that could be unveiled on the World Sleep Day on March 17. 

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