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EatSure promotes its USP #FoodCourtOnAnApp through its new campaign

The nationwide campaign encourages people to order from multiple restaurants in one order and eat together.

EatSure, has unveiled their 360 degree nationwide campaign, #foodcourtonanapp. It encourages people to order, eat and celebrate together via group ordering on their platform.

The campaign echoes the customer sentiments while ordering food and how the company is a solution to these modern-day food ordering issues, and houses multiple category-leading restaurants, allows customers to enjoy great discounts and offers, while enabling them to order their choice of foods in a single delivery, without additional delivery charges. 

The film displays that group food ordering isn’t easy because everyone in the group usually wants to eat something different. Single ordering apps aren’t the most optimum for group ordering. But, EatSure, with its foodcourt on an app experience, allows consumers to order food from multiple restaurants in one order, delivered together. Which means no matter where your group is hanging out, at home or even a court, it can become a foodcourt. The campaign brings alive this proposition into the film in a fun, quirky way that catches the viewer’s attention. The film also showcases celebrities and influencers like Sharib Hashmi and Biswapati Sarkar who have added a lot of flavour to the video.

Conceptualised by What’s Your Problem, a Wondrlab company, the film uses a simple line of ‘Order-Order’ in court and uses it to hilariously transform the court into a food court.

With a 360 approach with TV, Digital, and social media extensions, the campaign aims to create a whole new category of a “foodcourt on an app”  by becoming the preferred choice for no-compromise orders. The campaign is being aired nationally on prominent TV channels across languages and regions.  EatSure plans to create a great impact with this campaign, especially in  markets like Chennai and Bengaluru. 

Speaking about the campaign Sagar Kochhar, co-founder, Rebel Foods, said, “While ordering food online is an emerging choice, there are many unsolved problems in the food ordering cycle which often results in a broken experience for customers. This is more stressful when ordering in a group which often leads to a compromise for a few on what they want to eat. If ordered separately, the orders are placed and received separately, with multiple delivery fees, sometimes having someone’s food delivered much before others. With EatSure, we intend to highlight how seamlessly consumers can order for a burger from Wendy’s, a pizza from Oven Story, a wrap from Faasos, coffee from SLAY, biryani from Behrouz & many more varied cuisines from the most trusted restaurants, delivered together in one single order with no delivery fees, thereby making EatSure as the preferred choice for group orders. With our new campaign, we are highlighting how EatSure is a foodcourt on an app, where it allows consumers to mix and match from multiple trusted restaurants in one single order.”

Amit Akali, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Wondrlab, said, “Ordering food online has become second nature to us, but that’s what comes and bites us in the behind the moment we’re ordering in a group. The differentiation between the two is extremely clear and that’s what we wanted to bring to life. EatSure wanted to stand out. We asked ourselves what is the best direction to bring out its USP and realised that with criminal shows and courtroom dramas on the rise, we could use that setting, with the right celebrities and cast, to create something hilarious while yet hard-hitting. I think the film does just that!”

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