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EcoSoul Home launches 'Bharat Ki Parties Ka Naya Partner' campaign

The campaign's concept suggests sustainable measures to make celebrations hassle-free and promote eco-consciousness.

EcoSoul's disposable party pack which is easier to dispose of, offers greater convenience yet eco-consciousness.

The brand that focuses on eco-friendly household products has returned with a campaign called Bharat Ki Parties Ka Naya Partner. The campaign aims to innovate how people celebrate occasions with a sustainable approach.

The campaign showcases EcoSoul’s disposable party pack, designed to make celebrations hassle-free and eco-conscious. The campaign further showcases how the aftermath of parties can be easy to manage and dispose of, ensuring easy convenience. Their products are also designed with a commitment to greater environmental sustainability. They are easy to use and leave behind no trace of waste.

With a couple of festivities around the corner the brand has also emphasised on a simple message which is "Maid Ki Bhi Party" by also ditching upon doing dishes, thus giving household help a well-deserved break. 

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