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Eicher's latest campaign 'Nayi Soch Naye Raaste' highlights role of modern transportation in the society

The brand campaign conceptualized by Ogilvy also advocates for the people enabling modern logistics.

Eicher Trucks & Buses, a business unit of VE Commercial Vehicles has launched its latest campaign, ‘Nayi Soch Naye Raaste’, embodying Eicher brand's promise of partnering prosperity. The campaign underlines the relevance of modern transportation in the everyday smooth functioning of businesses and our daily routine.

“Over the last fifteen years, Eicher has been focused on driving modernisation in India’s transport ecosystem and has brought several industry first features to market. In 2020, we took a giant step towards revolutionizing the CV industry by connecting Eicher’s entire range of BS VI vehicles to an industry-first Uptime Centre offering remote and predictive diagnostic services. Our constant endeavour is to offer the highest levels of Uptime to Eicher truck and bus customers -thereby enabling the important role they play in our society” commented Vinod Aggarwal MD & CEO VE Commercial Vehicles.

To create an advanced connected ecosystem, the company has recently launched the ‘My Eicher App’, an integrated, first-of-its-kind next-generation solution for efficient fleet, fuel and vehicle uptime management along with a marketplace for value added services. Eicher's portfolio of state-of-the-art 100% trucks and buses backed by superior technology and uptime are now successfully setting new benchmarks across applications.

Conceptualized by Ogilvy, this new campaign shows a motionless world where everything stands still, a restaurant paused mid-meal, a market paused mid-transaction, and a busy road frozen in time. The film carefully aligns the ignition of the Eicher truck to the world moving again, thus signifying that Eicher Trucks and Buses and Eicher drivers play a pivotal role in moving our world! The video has been launched on company’s social media platforms and amplified on OTT platforms like Hotstar.

“Modern life depends on timely logistics. The Nayi Soch Naye Raaste campaign is a tribute to Eicher truck and bus operators who serve society’s needs – whether it be ensuring timely delivery of breakfast in the morning, materials to a market or bringing our children home from school on time. They are the heroes who keep our lives going!” concludes Bhagwan K Bindiganavile, SVP - Strategic Planning, Brand and Communication, VECV,

Adding on Ritu Sharda, CCO-Ogilvy India (North) said, “With a simple insight that if trucks and buses come to a halt, our life will stop moving, we created something that has the potential to change the way the public looks at this industry. This commercial is a thought provoking take on the value Eicher commercial vehicles play in each of our lives.”

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