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Enrich Salon welcomes patrons back to its outlets with a poem

Beauty salons remained shut during lockdown. As they open their doors again, one salon brand wants to assure customers that it's safe to visit its outlets.

During the process of 'unlocking' the Indian economy, businesses, which were previously classified as 'non-essential', are now opening their doors to customers again. Such businesses include beauty salons. Enrich Salon is (among many) reopening its outlets, but with precautions in place.

Enrich Salon welcomes patrons back to its outlets with a poem

To communicate this message and welcome its patrons back, Enrich has launched a video. It uses the medium of poetry to take the viewer through the reality that the customers and salon staff alike are facing during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The main emphasis for this communication is on the salon staff, and how they are now adapting to the 'new normal' of resuming services, but with precautions, such as social distancing and regular use of hand sanitisers.

At Enrich, we understand the value of this beautiful relationship we have built with you over the years. When you smile,...

Posted by Enrich on Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The video showcases the precautions, guidelines adopted, and also reminds the viewers of the reason they frequented salons before the lockdown. The personal connection with the staff, the feeling of being pampered, and the confidence that comes with looking good is what the poem talks about.

Part of 'Me to We' campaign, Enrich's video talks about the responsibility of serving customers during these trying times. Thanks to the nationwide lockdown, which began back in March, the salon industry suffered a setback. This appears to be Enrich's attempt to get back on its feet.

Another aspect that the video explores includes the personal connect that a beautician makes with the customer. They share jokes and anecdotes, while taking care of their grooming needs. Enrich acknowledges that it has a responsibility to make customers feel beautiful, and maintain their self-confidence.

The video additionally acknowledges that the mandatory wearing of masks to prevent the spread of the virus will ensure that people's faces are covered. But the personal connection between the staff and the customers could be maintained by eye contact.

Based on a survey of nearly four lakh customers, Enrich mentioned, over an email, that it has added new measures, made compliance more stringent, and trained teams to adopt to the new quality and hygiene standards. All this in addition to the newly defined guidelines to keep COVID-19 at bay.

Some of these measures include daily self-assessment through Aarogya Setu app, salon hygiene, sensor-based sanitisers, sterilisation of mobile handsets, etc. The email also mentions that in a bid to fight germs, staff members will commute only by private vehicles, and not exit the salon for tea/lunch break.