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ET Money's latest campaign puts a spotlight on the unusual responsibilities of investors

The series of ads was launched at the onset of IPL and will stream on JioCinema screens.

ET Money, India's largest wealth tech apps, has launched a new ad campaign that takes a humorous route to bring alive the unusual responsibilities investors bear to succeed while investing. The series of advertisements by ET Money, the Associate Sponsor for digital streaming of IPL 2023, was launched at the onset of IPL and will stream on JioCinema screens.

Reiterating the brand’s philosophy of ‘putting money to work,’ the four digital films once again feature the ‘Money Man,’ who has well-timed humour to personify the various demands of money from an investor. The ads uniquely bring alive the popular behaviors that make one’s investments go wrong - the need to get the timing right when entering or exiting investment products such as mutual funds or stocks, acting as an expert in not just one’s work but also in investments. Furthermore, controlling emotions while making investing or selling decisions, which to an extent is impossible for a human to master. These mistakes, whether made knowingly or unknowingly, prove to be more costly in volatile markets, such as those Indian investors have been experiencing for the past 18 months. With this underlying thought, the ads emphasise that it's perfectly normal to commit investing mistakes and not be a master at investing, introducing the audience to ET Money as an investment platform that solves these woes and helps investors make intelligent investing decisions.

Commenting on the launch of a new ad campaign, Santosh Navlani, chief operating officer, ET Money, said, “Our intent in this new ad campaign has been to make a "connect" to the human side of an investor. The ads, blended with humour and a problem-solving message, enlighten investors that it's perfectly fine not to know everything related to investing, and it's ok not to be an expert in investing or, for that matter, it's completely normal to make mistakes as long as one learns from them or finds a solution. ET Money believes one can put all of these responsibilities aside and make intelligent investing decisions using a suite of tools available on the ET Money app. Every market scenario calls for different investing strategies, which eventually adds stress to an investor’s life. Through these ads, ET Money illustrates that it can guide investors on when and where to invest for better returns with less stress.”

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