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Eveready brings back 'Give Me Red' tagline, with a feminine twist

The new commercial has been created by Rediffusion Kolkata.

Eveready has just released a commercial. The 'Give Me Red' series has been Eveready’s signature for the last 30 years.

The commercial is a whacky and fun interpretation of a long-running idea, where 'Give Me Red' has always symbolised both hi-octane energy and exhilaration. A young, fully decked up bride-to-be takes a surprise plunge into marriage by jumping off a plane, skydives onto the marriage venue in all the wedding finery to the applause and laughter of all assembled, including the amused bridegroom.

“Eveready has always stood for the younger generation breaking traditional moulds of thinking. The latest Eveready commercial is fun. It is a bit of surprise and incredulity. Yet, it has so much of endearment and brand proximity. The energy, enthusiasm and drive of the youth to be not just ready, but Eveready for everything, is captured in this campaign,” said Anil Bajaj, business head for battery and torch business.

Added Trilok Singh, GM marketing, “The magic of 'Give Me Red' is that the idea is open to newer and newer interpretations and executions for every new generation of consumers. From the grunge look of the 90s to the current execution of a different kind of metrosexuality, 'Give Me Red' has adapted, yet changed. The messaging and the portrayal of the brand has constantly kept evolving.”

The commercial has been created by leading ad agency Rediffusion. “'Give Me Red' is a cult campaign. We, at Rediffusion, are delighted to have remained part of the 30 years journey of the 'Give Me Red' creative thought. The skydiving bride is the new 'shero'. She is spunky. She is the new consumer – expressive and outwardly directed, while being immensely self-confident and self-willed,” said Dr Sandeep Goyal, managing director, Rediffusion Brand Solutions.

The commercial has been created by Rediffusion Kolkata, led by creative director Aritra Bhattacharya, with strategic support from Navonil Chatterjee.

The oldest rendition of Eveready's 'Give Me Red' campaign created something of a revolution, when it came to the Indian advertising landscape. The campaign was launched in the early 1990s and was targeted at youngsters in the age group of 15-25 years.

Another iconic 'Give Me Red' campaign, borrows heavily from the company's commercials of yesteryears. It shows how a decidedly dull and black-and-white pub predictably goes red and rocking as soon as the brand ambassador Amitabh Bachchan, playing a mythical hero of the Hollywood Westerns, walks in and says in his signature voice, 'Give Me Red'.

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