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Expedia announces makeover with a new spot

Think updated look and feel, new home screen and trip insurance.

Expedia, the Seattle-based travel company, is undergoing a makeover. It will launch a new global positioning, and focus on an updated look and feel and enhanced product offerings.

The travel giant kicked off this makeover with an ad, where a woman undertakes a solo journey to a foreign nation. US actress Rashida Jones embodies Expedia in this spot and turns the woman’s journey into a memorable one with the snap of her fingers.

"It matters who you travel with" travellers will see the idea of Expedia as the ultimate travel companion come through in unique ways across various channels. It will create a cohesive message that will resonate as people start travelling again. The US film creative will feature Jones, and the UK and European spots will feature English actor Naomie Harris.

"For the past 25 years, we've been focused on volume and transactions as a way of growing our business. What we've found, however, over the past year, is that our customers want more from a travel company. They want a trusted partner, who is there with them every step of the way, supporting them to ensure they get the most out of their trips," said Shiv Singh, senior vice president and general manager, Expedia Brand.

"Like many travel brands, COVID has forced us all to look inwards and reflect on who we are as a brand and what that means to our consumers. It became clear to us that in order for our travellers to have an amazing trip, it matters who they travel with, and we need to understand the important role we play in being that partner."

"As travellers adjust to the new norms post-COVID, we must adjust as well. This is just the first chapter in a multi-year journey to really deliver against our mission of being a brand that is there for travellers from start to finish," added Singh.

At the heart of this rebranding exercise is a refresh of Expedia's platform experience across its award-winning mobile app and more than 70 websites. The new home screens reflect a clear and simple layout, with product features that will empower travellers to build a complete trip that suits their needs and interests, bringing together multiple trip elements seamlessly.

Over the course of the year, Expedia will simplify the insurance experience. This includes translating the policy wording into easy-to-digest content, improving the process of submitting claims through clear steps on the documents required, as well as the status and next steps once a claim is submitted. It also means enhancing coverage, adding broader functionality and delivering value in real-time by monitoring the events of a user's trip journey for claim eligibility.