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Fastrack's funky new video asks ain't it okay to just staycay

Part of its #WhatYouHeartNow campaign, the youth fashion brand explores what Generation Z is up to during the lockdown.

It's during the oddest hours that the most creative ideas come to life. And what's more odd, alien, and anxious than the lockdown we're living in right now.

Initiated to keep the spread of Coronavirus at bay, it's nearly two months now and several parts of the country will continue to reel under it because they've been classified as red zones while orange and green zones are having it better.

But, that doesn't mean all is down into the dumpsters. It's all about looking at a situation from a different perspective, especially for Gen Z (born between 1995-2015) who're always twiddling their thumbs on devices but being locked up inside their homes is definitely something they aren't down with.

But, making the most of the situation, this generational cohort is using the free time to reconnect with loved ones and rediscover hobbies and that's exactly what Fastrack is talking about in its new funky video for a campaign called #WhatYouHeartNow.

In what could be described as a funky video, Fastrack talks about what drives the heart 'cray' like bar hops, brunch meets, travel to hilltops but then stops midway to ask if it's okay to just staycay? We then see a montage of clips revealing some of the best things to do during this 'staycay' – afternoon naps, cooking sessions, connecting with loved ones...

Ayushman Chiranewala, Marketing Head, Fastrack, said “With the campaign "What you Heart Now” the brand laurels the attitude of never letting any situation inhibit the spirits of the youth. The young, outgoing, adventurous souls have made staying indoors happening and fun. Within the four walls of home, they continue doing what they are passionate about, be it socializing over group video calls, acing their coffee making skills or making TikTok videos. To ensure we connect further to our audience, we have been encouraging them to share their in-house stories with us and tell us what their heart calls out for.”

Commenting on the campaign idea, Puneet Kapoor, Regional Creative Officer at Lowe Lintas, said " The youth is the fastest to adapt and accept the new normal of how our lives have changed through these lockdown times. The tsunami of fabulous content created in the last 40 days stands testimony to this. What one’s heart desires and how we’ve adapted in these times, has found such numerous expressions and that’s exactly where a Fastrack idea property of #WhatYouHeartNow sits. Kudos to the Shiv-Deepesh team at Lowe to have pulled this quirky content piece amidst the lockdown."

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