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FCB India and Wunderman Thompson win Pencils at D&AD Awards

The D&AD Awards have announced its first set of winners for 16 categories (of the 34 categories in total). This includes two winnners from India.

Out of 16 nominations and 14 shortlists, FCB India and Wunderman Thompson have brought home two Graphite Pencils at the D&AD Awards 2020. Both these Pencils were won for the 'Impact category'. The organisers have announced the first set of winners for 16 categories.

The first winning entry was by Wunderman Thompson for their entry 'soap with a lump' for their client Lux. Lux wanted to find a way to encourage self-examination for breast cancer, so it redesigned its product. 75 per cent of women in India shy away from checking themselves for signs of breast cancer as something about touching their breasts makes them uncomfortable.

The Soap with a Lump is intended to catch users when they are in the shower - feeling uninhibited. In collaboration with the Indian Cancer Society, The Soap with a Lump was introduced to women through screening camps. It started a conversation about self-examination and is now being extended across India through ICS initiatives.

The second winner in the 'Impact' category is FCB Interface's entry - an initiative for the Mumbai Police titled 'The Honking Signal'. It was based on the finding that 70 per cent of noise pollution on Mumbai’s roads is due to excessive honking. After repeated attempts to curb it, Mumbai Traffic Police did what fines couldn’t – they changed behaviour with an unexpected dash of humour by turning traffic signals into Punishing Signals.

When honking crossed 85 dB, the countdown timer at a signal would reset, making impatient motorists wait more. A film of this solution was cut and tweeted by Mumbai Police. It soon became the most liked and shared topic in India, creating instant results as well as nationwide chatter.

An infographic about noise pollution in India
An infographic about noise pollution in India