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FCB Kinnect launches 'Nayi Nazar Se Dekh' campaign for Bausch + Lomb to encourage real-life adventures

The campaign aims to encourage people with eyeglasses to use contact lenses.

FCB Kinnect launched a campaign for Bausch + Lomb, titled Nayi Nazar Se Dekh, to urge individuals to break free from the digital realm and embrace real-life adventures. The focal point being the introduction of YOLO Baba, who requests audiences to ditch the digital screen and reconnect with nature.

The journey begins in an Ashram,on a remote mountain, where YOLO Baba imparts profound wisdom, addressing the everyday challenges faced by his disciples who rely on eyeglasses. He advices them to use Bausch + Lomb’s BioTrue contact lenses.

“The core thought behind the campaign is to highlight that in recent times, we often witness more adventures on social media than we experience in real life. YOLO Baba serves as a reminder that life’s most enriching moments happen outside the screen,” says Gitanjali Bhattacharya, sr. creative director, FCB Kinnect.

The campaign aims to align with the commitment to enhance the quality of life by providing innovative vision care solutions. The collaboration seeks to inspire a generation to put down their devices and experience then world with their own eyes, authentic and unfiltered.

Mithun Mukherjee, executive creative director, FCB Kinnect, added, “When Bausch + Lomb asked us to work on BioTrue, we knew there had to be a connect with the officegoers, but in a completely unexpected manner. If ‘Dekho Magar Pyar Se’ was our last year’s runaway hit and got us on the Impact Creative Hotlist ’23, we chose to announce the new year with ‘Nayi Nazar Se Dekh’, a promise of 16-hour comfort with the daily disposable lenses.”

Sanjay Bhutani, managing director, Bausch + Lomb India expressed, “With the #NayiNazarSeDekh campaign, we aim to highlight our exceptional product, Biotrue daily disposable contact lens, and its unique design that mimics your natural eye, offering an excellent long-wearing experience.”

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