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Fido Dido is back again for its annual 7UP spot

It’s the latest TVC in the beverage’s ‘Think Fresh’ series, where Dido offers a laid-back solution to a heated problem.

Fido Dido, the mascot of PepsiCo’s lemon-flavoured beverage 7UP, has returned to the screens after a year. The stick-sized mascot, with mop-like hair, seems to embrace the philosophy singer Falguni Pathak follows – make one appearance a year, win people’s heart, and then return home.

But there is a difference between the two. While Pathak is human, Dido is nothing, but a cartoon created by Joanna Ferrone and Sue Rose in 1985. It was licensed to PepsiCo in 1987 and has appeared in advertising for 7UP ever since.

This time, Dido uses his trademark chill attitude to help a guy turn a situation to his advantage, when a bulked up competitor poses a challenge to a lady’s heart. The spot is the latest TVC from the beverage’s ‘Think Fresh’ series.

In the previous ad, we saw the mascot helped a young couple fend off a pesky uncle, who’s acting too smart for his good.

Naseeb Puri, marketing director, flavors (7UP and Mirinda), PepsiCo India, said, “Life is a series of many curveballs, but taking these googlies head-on and flipping them to one’s advantage with wit and fresh thinking is what determines who wins at the end. This is exactly what 7UP’s philosophy is all about - inspiring youth to ‘Think Fresh” and use their wit to effortlessly tackle challenging situations.”

“7UP has always created content that has resonated strongly with the youth, and we believe this new TVC is no exception. It is a fun campaign, and we are confident that people will enjoy Fido’s and our hero’s fresh thinking and be encouraged to approach life with an upbeat attitude.”

The chill theme of 7UP pits it against Coca-Cola’s Sprite, as both look to up their sales during the peak summer season.

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