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FreeWheel partners with CereOne to expand its presence in Indian market

The partnership aims to tap into the demand for video ads and CTV while offering unified decisions on monetisation and brand safety.

FreeWheel, a Comcast company and the global technology platform for the television advertising industry has solidified a strategic partnership with CereOne, a digital media company, as it seeks to accelerate its presence in the Indian market.

As part of this collaboration, FreeWheel will provide CereOne with access to its digital full stack, facilitating the onboarding of online video and connected TV inventory across the burgeoning premium video media landscape.

CereOne has, in the last few years, extended its offerings from native-only ads to content marketing, digital out-of-home and premium video. FreeWheel’s digital full stack will offer CereOne unified and holistic decisions on how to monetise content, curate audiences and ensure brand safety.

"We’re excited to continue to grow into the complex but opportunity-rich Indian premium video market. The adoption of connected devices has grown significantly in the last couple of years in the region. This rapid growth coupled with the rise of international sports events on streaming is bringing exciting new opportunities for media owners to tap into global ad spend,” said Alvin Tan, commercial director, APAC at FreeWheel. “CereOne has a robust regional supply and demand network and we look forward to working with them as they launch their CTV ad offering and augment brand interactions.” 

Welcoming the new partnership with FreeWheel, Deepak Karnani, director, CereOne Media, commented, “Aligned with our ambitious expansion strategies, our collaboration with FreeWheel empowers us to meet the growing demand for video ads and CTV in India. This partnership not only bolsters our offerings but also grants our clientele access to the cutting-edge technology that FreeWheel is renowned for worldwide.”

Harish Patil, co-founder, CereOne Media, highlighted the significance of the partnership with FreeWheel. "Our partnership with FreeWheel and the support of its digital full stack will optimise and consolidate our bouquet of services as we strengthen our CTV offerings in the region."

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