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Furlenco’s "Home Sapiens" campaign celebrates the feeling of coming home

The campaign is the result of a comprehensive consumer study that emphasized the significance of a home as a representation of one's self, and the changing notions of urban living spaces.

With an aim to launch their new offering to customers, Furlenco, India’s leading furniture and lifestyle brand, today unveiled its new campaign - The Home Sapiens. The campaign emphasizes the importance of great furniture in creating a perfect place that makes you fall in love with your home and transforms you into a Home Sapien.

Through the campaign, Furlenco aims to celebrate the feeling of coming home, and the people who love their homes as a personalized and welcoming oasis that caters to their unique style and personality. Furlenco's vast collection of furniture options empowers customers to choose pieces that not only serve their functional needs but also reflect their individual tastes and preferences.

The campaign is the result of a comprehensive consumer study that emphasized the significance of a home as a representation of one's self, and the changing notions of urban living spaces. The new campaign was conceived by Brave New World, an integrated advertising agency based in Bangalore, comprising three brand films featuring different audiences, lifestyles and the role of Furlenco in their very different lives.

The ad film shows a meditation class at a wellness retreat where a teacher  is guiding  a couple in  finding  paradise, “Swarg aisi jagah hai jaha sukoon hi sukoon ho’. The couple exclaims "Hamare ghar ki tarah?" realizing that their Furlenco haven is their heaven. To the teacher’s astonishment, they immediately rush to their Furlenco furnished home and are seen jumping on to their Furlenco furniture in pure bliss. The film showcases the couple's love for their home and Furlenco's furniture with detailed shots of their beautiful furniture pieces. The end slate promotes Furlenco's furniture and the flexible ownership options Furlenco provides - Rent it. Buy it. Own it your way. The films evoke the warm feeling of coming home and the comfort Furlenco furniture provides. 

Nitesh Mohandas, chief business officer, Furlenco said, "Most communication from online furniture players in India focuses on functional aspects such as delivery time, quality products, and offers. With this campaign, which builds on emerging category codes, our products of course, and our core differentiator of accessibility, we aim to create a lifestyle around the brand. This is a first for India’s online furniture market, and we are confident that this campaign will resonate with our customers, helping us differentiate ourselves in a highly fragmented market."

Joono Simon, founder, Brave New World said, “As a new-age brand, Furlenco has created a paradigm shift in the way people look at furniture and living spaces. We believe the brand is now ready to take thought leadership in this sector by bringing more ideas that could culturally shape modern living for Indians. The new campaign featuring ’Home Sapiens’ is about people who take pride in their tastefully done Furlenco homes and enjoy their time there more than anywhere else. We see it as a counter-culture against the stepping-out culture that people are increasingly getting tired of.” 

Furlenco aims to go all out by taking this campaign to customers in all the top metros through digital media, social media, cinema theatres, OTT platforms, and affiliate networks. The campaign will also feature a strong social and influencer leg to directly engage with audiences. 

Furlenco has recently undergone a rebranding effort, shifting its focus from just a rental furniture company to a comprehensive online furniture solution for urban India. The brand's fresh and modern outlook reflects its renewed commitment to making great furniture accessible to everyone by allowing consumers to rent, buy new or refurbished furniture, and even sell it back. The company’s selling business is active in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi NCR and it plans to expand to other Tier I and Tier II cities like Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Jaipur and Chandigarh by the end of 2023.

With this new brand positioning, Furlenco has diversified its product portfolio with more than 300 designs to meet the ever-evolving needs of customers and has enhanced its tech stack to provide a seamless experience to every customer.

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