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Future Generali India Life Insurance unveils #TaxBachaoWithFGILI campaign

The campaign emphasises life insurance as a crucial tool for optimising tax savings, particularly amidst the year-end financial rush.

Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Limited (FGILI), a life insurance company, has launched a series of digital films as part of its tax saving campaign, aligning with the hashtag #TaxBachaoWithFGILI. These films emphasise life insurance as a crucial tool for optimising tax savings, particularly amidst the year-end financial rush.

In a world where financial planning is becoming increasingly crucial, Future Generali India Life Insurance reinforces the essential role of life insurance in tax saving. This campaign serves as a reminder for individuals to perceive life insurance not only as a protective measure but as a proactive and strategic choice in their comprehensive tax planning portfolio.

The first film unfolds in Rohan's living room, humorously portraying a tight spot when his hair gel runs out, linking this comical situation to the urgency of tax-saving. The second film features a thief breaking into a house, not for theft but to underscore the importance of tax savings. The films weave the concept of tax planning into unexpected scenarios, featuring the message: “Bachao bachao, Future Generali ke saath tax bachao.”

The campaign encourages individuals to proactively manage their financial well-being with FGILI’s innovative approach to tax savings.

In addition to the humour and creativity, this campaign holds a significant financial advantage. As per the old tax regime, a deduction under section 80C allows individuals to claim deduction up to ₹1.5 lakhs. Assuming the maximum tax slab of 30%, plus 4% cess, the total tax savings can amount to ₹46,800 on investment of ₹1.5 lakhs subject to conditions prescribed under Income Tax Act,1961 and amendments made thereto from time to time. This not only demonstrates the immediate benefits of tax savings but also highlights the potential for individuals to secure their financial future.

Geetanjali Chugh Kothari, CMO, Future Generali India Life Insurance, commented on the campaign, stating, “With our tax saving campaign, we aim to remind individuals of the tax benefits achievable through strategic life insurance investments which can contribute to their wealth portfolio. Through these quirky shorties, in this critical quarter of the year, our aim is to reinforce awareness and empower customers, making financial well-being a seamless and achievable goal.”

Presented in Hindi, the campaign is actively engaging audiences on digital platforms such as Meta, YouTube, and LinkedIn, delivering the message of #TaxBachaoWithFGILI to a broader audience.

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