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Gaana partners with Taj Mahal tea to create curated Indian classical music playlist

Taj Mahal, which has used such music in its ads in the past, has created a playlist with the aim of bringing Indian classical music to the millennials.

Leading audio streaming app Gaana has unveiled ‘Unwind with Taj’ to bring alive the magic of Indian classical music among the millennials. Hosted in partnership with the iconic tea brand Brooke Bond Taj Mahal, the specially curated ‘Unwind with Taj’ aims to serve as a destination for the millennials to explore the splendour of a genre that showcases music heritage across generations.

The offering entails a collection by Indian classical maestros such as Ustad Zakir Hussain, Ustad Shahid Parvez, Ronu Majumdar, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Anoushka Shankar, among others. With an aim to make Indian classical music more accessible and available to the millennials, the playlist strives to create a strong resonance with them and sustain the legacy of the rich Indian classical music.

Coupled with Brooke Bond Taj Mahal’s gourmet Indian flavours, the selection of classical music will serve as the perfect accompaniment to relish and revitalise. The timed playlist will change as the day progresses and has been tailor-made to appeal to different moods at different times of the day. While the ‘Morning Raga’ will entertain millennials by the day, the ‘Focus Instrumental Music’ will help evoke bouts of serenity amidst a chaotic work–from–home afternoon.

Gaana partners with Taj Mahal tea to create curated Indian classical music playlist

“Gaana constantly looks forward to bringing novelty to the Indian music fan,” Gautam Sinha, CEO, Times Internet (TIL), said. “We believe in the rich legacy and glory of Indian classical music, and are thrilled to join Brooke Bond Taj Mahal in initiating a movement to add the timeless aura of this genre. As millennials become more than receptive towards newer genres of music, we are certain they would be mesmerised by the beauty of Indian classical music, and enjoy its changing ragas through the course of the day.”

Commenting on the campaign, Shiva Krishnamurthy, vice president, tea and foods, Hindustan Unilever (HUL), added, “Brooke Bond Taj Mahal has a deep-rooted association with classical music and the brand has always sought ways to champion it. This campaign is an effort to instill an appreciation of Hindustani classical music in the millennials, by leveraging their listening behaviour and giving them the perfect playlists to match their moods.”

In the past, Taj Mahal has used notable classical musicians in some of its ads. Watch them for a small trip down memory lane, below:

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