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GAIL's latest short films showcase the advantages and accessibility of its eco-friendly fuel options

The 'Waah Kya Energy Hai' campaign's films feature Srikant Verma, Divya Jagdale, Luv Vispute, and Ahmed Khan in key roles.

Known for its campaigns to encourage people-driven efforts for environment conservation, GAIL (India) has launched yet another series ‘Waah Kya Energy Hai’ to highlight the accessibility and benefits of embracing new, clean and environmentally friendly fuel options – Compressed Natural Gas and Piped Natural Gas offered by GAIL and its group companies.

Representing one more venture by GAIL in Business-to-Consumer (B2C) digital communication, the campaign is strategically geared towards engaging retail Natural Gas consumers across India. ‘Waah Kya Energy Hai’, comprises four short films in a mini-series format, tells the stories of a close-knit middle-class Indian family and how they navigate their challenges through a smarter choice of fuel usage, switching to D-PNG (Domestic Pipe Natural Gas), C-PNG (Commercial Pipe Natural Gas), CNG and Industrial PNG.

A witty and emotional delivery of the story line and character arcs of the Mishra family makes their stories relatable, engaging the viewers to not only enjoy these short films but also encourage them to think about a shift to clean fuel.

These 4-5 minutes content capsules will be promoted digitally through digital and social media including GAIL’s YouTube channel, banners and influencer engagements across platforms.

Srikant Verma, Divya Jagdale, Luv Vispute and Ahmed Khan play key roles in the four episodic short films, adding a relatable and compelling touch to the message of sustainability and progress.

GAIL had earlier created the OTT series ‘Hawa Badle Hassu’, a multiple award winning science-fiction drama, and United Nations patronised short films ‘Megha’s Divorce’ and ‘Elephant in the Room’, all of which centered on the importance of right environmental choices by common people.

Launching the campaign, Sandeep Kumar Gupta, chairman and MD, GAIL said “Wah Kya Energy Hai is strategically crafted with GAIL’s key objectives in mind. It aims to persuade and motivate consumers by presenting natural gas as the smarter, safer, affordable and futuristic choice, one that aligns with environmental consciousness and the evolving needs of society. The campaign also endeavours to highlight the advantages of using natural gas over other fuel choices in view of the effects on both health and the environment. Through these concerted efforts, GAIL's campaign endeavors to catalyse a widespread shift towards cleaner and more sustainable fuel alternatives.”

Amidst the global shift towards cleaner and sustainable energy alternatives, GAIL stands as a force, spearheading the advocacy for natural gas and its impact on the society. With a commitment to environmental and societal progress, GAIL is promoting the widespread adoption of natural gas, recognising its multifaceted benefits for individuals, communities, and the planet at large.

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