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Gardenia appoints Madison BMB for Gatsby's creative duties

The agency will be responsible for defining the brand positioning for its entire range of products.

Gardenia Cosmotrade LLP has entrusted Madison BMB, the creative arm of Madison World with the creative duties for Gatsby brand, being responsible for defining the brand positioning for its entire range of products and creating a clear preference over the other brands in the men’s grooming space through compelling communication.

Gardenia Cosmotrade LLP, well regarded as a long-term leader in nationwide distribution provides a choice of multi-branded global personal care products which includes brands such as Gatsby and Tiger Balm.

Gatsby, the brand owned by Mandom Corporation, Japan, is one of Gardenia's most valued brands within the portfolio. Since its conception in 1927, the men's grooming brand has evolved with the times and trends constantly maintaining brand freshness and grown into a total grooming brand with products within various categories including hair styling, face care, body care, beard grooming and fragrance. The brand is now looking at reinforcing and expanding its presence in India through its constantly evolving product range for the young Indian males.

Speaking about having a new creative partner on board, Puneet Motiani, Designated Partner, Gardenia Cosmotrade LLP says, “India is a fast-evolving market when it comes to understanding the nuances of men’s grooming. Consumers are increasingly aware of the products available across segments like hair, face and body. While we’ve always been a trusted brand, we’ve noticed a host of new brands enter this space in recent times. We’re a global brand backed by deep knowledge of both, the category and the consumer. Hence, we needed an able creative partner like Madison BMB who can help us position our existing range of products to create a clear preference in the minds of the audience.”

Speaking about their appointment as creative partners for Gatsby, Raj Nair, CEO and Chief Creative Officer, Madison BMB says, “The audience that Gatsby wants to connect with are early adopters with a plethora of choices when it comes to men’s grooming. Gatsby has a range of products that allow the youth brigade to experiment and discover. The task for us has been to develop a brand world that not only communicates the benefits of the range of products, but also builds a relatable and endearing attitude that the audience can easily connect with, particularly in the digital space. It’s a task that’s as exciting as it is challenging, and we look forward to creating memorable and effective communication for Gatsby.”

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