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Gautam Reghunath & PG Aditiya launch a new agency 'Talented'

Both are ex-Webchutney CEO & CCO.

After a few months of speculation, former Webchutney leaders Gautam Reghunath & PG Aditiya have today opened their new creative shop, Talented. Gautam & PG had left their roles as CEO & CCO just earlier this year after announcing their intention to go independent. With Talented, the duo promises to build their venture around what they believe is the most valued currency in the industry - its talent. Webchutney is fresh from its four grand prix wins at Spikes Asia for the The Unfiltered History Tour by Vice and the campaign is also one of the leading contenders at Cannes in June.

Gautam Reghunath & PG Aditiya launch a new agency 'Talented'

On their new start, Gautam Reghunath & PG Aditiya said,“We love the agency business. But the world certainly doesn’t need another advertising agency. What we believe it does need is a serious re-imagination of the agency experience - both for clients and for the talent in advertising. With Talented, we’re starting-up because we have some ideas that we believe can fundamentally alter what our business means, first for those working in it and then therefore for our clients.

We want to build a workplace where what every member of the leadership & its youngest colleagues think and say about the company, are the exact same. Where our actions and policies back up our words and press releases. Our hope is to create an ambitious, world-class, creative company with a big heart - addressing age-old advertising tropes like pay, work-hours, inequity, lack of employee ownership, lack of ESOPs and our industry’s looming irrelevance while at it. We all know perfectly well what needs to improve in the agency business: we just plan to execute it to perfection. There’s so much we can learn from our friends in tech.

Now, why should all this matter to our clients? Well, it’s only natural that the benefits of all of this will flow directly into our work for them. When a client chooses us, we want them to know that we’re committed to putting the sharpest, most motivated talent in front of them. How we operate internally is going to play a huge role in making that happen. And at the end of all of this, we just want to do great advertising.”

Gautam & PG Aditiya were both homegrown leaders at dentsu webchutney and together they’ve spent a combined 20 years at the agency. Under their leadership, Webchutney rose to become the most awarded Indian creative agency over the last three years.

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