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Ghazal and Varun Alagh go to Dolphin Tank to urge pledging goodness through their ‘goodness I pledge offer’

Varun and Ghazal present the goodness in products and initiatives to the Dolphins.

Mamaearth co-founders Ghazal and Varun Alagh pitch to a jury of cute Dolphins at the Dolphin Tank, offering their shares in exchange for goodness.

I Pledge Offer is a campaign initiated by Ghazal and Varun Alagh, where they, as pitchers, present their goodness initiative to a jury, called dolphins, played by 5 children, including Junior Alagh. Varun and Ghazal present the goodness in products and initiatives to the Dolphins. It starts with choosing goodness in products by making them toxin-free and using natural ingredients. Through the purpose initiatives, like Plant Goodness, wherein their brand links every order made on the website to a tree planted; and over 3,00,000 trees have been planted. Under the Plastic Positive initiative, they recycle more plastic that they use monthly which is over 240 metric tons per month. Lastly, introduced their flagship concept- Beautiful Indians, to felicitate goodness ambassadors for their contribution to the society.

In the campaign video, the dolphins in the jury are captivated by the founders’ unique initiatives, which are setting an example for others to believe in good actions and deeds, and they inquire about the pitch's offer and objective. Varun and Ghazal, respond that they want people to choose goodness every day and submit entries of their good actions, in exchange, stand a chance to win personal shares from the founders.

Commenting on the initiative, Ghazal Alagh, co-founder and CIO, Mamaearth said, “We at Mamaearth are firm believers in Goodness Inside everyone and that was the seed for the I Pledge Offer campaign. Goodness being at the core, we conceptualized this with children as they are the epitome of genuine goodness. We created the Dolphin tank with children to bring alive the genuine goodness of the initiative along with making it fun. We call these kids- Dolphins and Varun and I pitch our goodness idea to these kids. Through this offer, Varun and I will each gift some of our shares to people who participate in the initiative and share their goodness stories. This is another step in our efforts towards bettering our community and society. With this campaign we want to encourage our audience to use their good deeds to benefit society. We have been undertaking initiatives under each brand, this time we wanted to, at a personal level, invest in people who choose to do good every day. We hope that the I-pledge offer will resonate with our audience, and they come forward in choosing the touch of goodness with us.”

Varun and Ghazal have built Mamaearth on the principles of Honesty, Natural and Safety, and the belief that goodness starts with the small things that each one of us can do every day! It resides in the little choices we can make in our daily lives. The objective of the campaign is to spread awareness amongst people to showcase their goodness inside with their good deeds and actions and participate in the ‘I- pledge offer’ to win some shares from Varun Alagh & Ghazal Alagh.

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