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Gillette’s efforts to revive India’s barber community

Gillette India will support barbers and their families by providing them with a COVID-19 Health Insurance cover up to Rs 1 lakh.

Since March 2020, the impact on business for the barber community has been tremendous, they have been struggling to keep business afloat. Gillette and barbers have bond well as partners in the grooming industry in the country.

The grooming brand from P&G announced the ‘Gillette Barber Parivar Suraksha Programme’ aimed at protecting and providing resources to the barber community and their families as they return to business.

As an extension to the Barber Suraksha Programme launched in June 2020, the campaign “Gillette Barber Parivar Suraksha Programme,” is aimed at providing health insurance cover of Rs 1 lakh to their families as well. The insurance cover is aimed at providing barbers and their families the much-needed assurance to return to business during these tough times.