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Glucon-D rescues kids from 'amla-chyawanprash' onslaught with tasty 'immunity tablet'

The product is the newly launched 'Glucon-D ImmunoVolt' from the house of Zydus Wellness. Here is a look at the ads...

In the ‘new normal’, immunity boosters have become a part of the consumer lexicon. Since the Coronavirus pandemic broke out, brands have been riding on the much-hyped immunity bandwagon. While brands in the Chyawanprash and organic food space have been pushing their products by highlighting their functional benefits, we spotted ads for a product that is positioning itself as a ‘tastier’ option for kids than other immunity boosting products.

These are ad for the newly-launched product – Glucon-D ImmunoVolt.

Consumer goods company Zydus Wellness added the immunity boosting bites to its portfolio around two weeks back. The Ahmedabad-headquartered brand claims that it has vitamin C, D and zinc that help in improving immunity, and glucose that provides instant energy. It is available in two flavours – orange and strawberry, across offline and online stores.

Glucon-D rescues kids from 'amla-chyawanprash' onslaught with tasty 'immunity tablet'

The campaign, conceptualised by Wunderman Thompson South Asia, revolves around simple everyday scenarios of people doing different things to boost their immunity and how the protagonist does the same; albeit in a fun manner. The total of three TVCs (the third one is yet to be released) highlight the protagonist’s take of ‘Main Bhi’ (me too), while consuming the product.

In a press release issued by the brand, Tarun Arora, chief executive officer, Zydus Wellness, said, “In the current COVID-19 scenario, there is heightened need for immunity boosting products. Since these products are not tasty, mothers really struggle to make their kids eat them. Understanding this consumer need, we developed immunity boosting tasty energy bite, which kids will love because of its flavours. The campaign brings alive this message in a humorous way.”

Kishore Tadepalli, managing partner, Mumbai operations for Wunderman Thompson, was quoted in the release as saying, “In a pandemic situation, people are looking for ways of driving immunity among children. But the task was to make it fun and interesting enough for the kids to want it. This campaign endeavours to do that by being simple and using a dash of humour to land the product story of vitamin C, D and zinc, while driving the point that it is tasty.”


Account Management Team:

Managing Partner: Kishore Tadepalli

Senior Vice-President & EBD: Samarth Shrivastava

Vice-President: Giridhar Bhat

Account Director: Neha Singh

Account Executive: Balaji Achhra

Creative Team:

Regional Creative Director: Tista Sen

Executive Creative Director: Hanoz Mogrelia

Creative Group Head: Sanjoy Biswas

Sr. Social Media Manager: Zuleika Pereira

Films Team:

Agency Producer: Asmit Chachad

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