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GMR Sports appoints Interbrand as brand strategy partner

The agency will conceive and design a new brand strategy and identity for their ‘Yoddhas’ franchise.

GMR Sports appoints India’s leading brand consultancy – Interbrand, to conceive and design a new brand strategy and identity for their ‘Yoddhas’ franchise.

Interbrand has been able to achieve strategic milestones for GMR Sports’ ‘Yoddhas’ franchise, which includes two sports teams – ‘UP Yoddhas’ and ‘Telugu Yoddhas’. For the ‘UP Yoddhas’, which has been a part of the Pro Kabaddi League since 2017, Interbrand stepped in to completely reinvent the brand’s identity. Whereas for the ‘Telugu Yoddhas’ which is going to be a part of the recently launched Ultimate Kho-Kho league, Interbrand had to start from scratch in giving the team its own personality and image.

The concept of comprehensively rethinking the Indian Warrior has helped in the recreation of new Team Crests. The philosophy that a Warrior has to have strength has been coupled with the importance of intellect, speed and accuracy is aptly portrayed in the new avatar of the Yoddha in the logos.

With the new brand strategy to create a fresh brand identity, Interbrand and GMR Sports now have the capability of creating a sports brand that is both recognizable and extendible. In the short history of Indian Franchise sports, no other franchisee has been able to achieve this with their brands, where the same ethos, symbology, and feel of the brand can be extended over not only multiple teams but varied sports as well. The ‘Yoddhas’ franchise is a result of a combination of strategic insight leading to ownable design.

Speaking about working on the revised brand strategy for GMR Sports, Mr. Ashish Mishra, CEO, India and South Asia at Interbrand, says, “Working on creating a new brand strategy and designing a fresh identity for the ‘Yoddhas Franchise’ was a delight and a challenge at the same time. Overall, I am very satisfied with what we came up with I am positive that the franchise’s new look will garner a pleasant reception.”

Optimistic about what the future holds for the ‘Yoddhas Franchise’, Ajith Gopinathan Nair - Interim CEO, GMR Sports lauds, “We were quite excited about unveiling our new look to everyone. It’s as if the ‘Yoddha’ in all of us has reawakened. The new team crests look really good and also portray our philosophy very well.”

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