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Goibibo’s 'ridiculously' practical travel essentials kit

In an ad featuring 'The Great Khali', Goibibo has launched its merchandise that provides practical solutions to weird travel problems.

There is no greater comfort than finding practical and easy solutions for the daily challenges in one's life. The joy of a utilitarian hack is unmatched. It is the sheer bliss of discovering easy, hassle-free hacks for travel woes that Goibibo aims to extend to its users through its newly launched merchandise. The company wants to provide practical solutions for one's travel woes.

If you fear being sandwiched in the middle seat of a flight – with no room to rest your arms, there is a practical, yet 'ridiculous' solution from Goibibo. Its easy-to-carry 'ArmWrest' has been designed to make space for middle seat flyers by allowing them to keep their arms/elbows comfortably. This is your chance to claim your space, your way.

It is a nightmare if you have misplaced your boarding pass a few minutes before boarding your flight. Taking airport fashion to another level, Goibibo’s specially customised T-shirt design 'PockeTee' comes with as many pockets as one may need to keep travel essentials within arm’s reach.

Apart from the 'ArmWrest' and the unconventional 'PockeTee', the ‘ridiculously practical merchandise’ also includes unique and unthinkable travel accessories and gear. It includes a ‘Go-Go kit’ for hikers and trekkers. It is a kit of necessary tools for one's morning routine, like a 'Hoardor', which is a handy bag for all toiletries.   

To launch the kit, Goibibo has roped in 'The Great Khali' and comedian Aakash Gupta. The kit and its components have been introduced through a quirky and eccentric narrative that highlights the many benefits of the kit. The kit will be available to Indian travellers through a social media contest hosted on Goibibo’s Instagram page. 

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