Shreyas Kulkarni

Google Nest casts delightful doggos in commercials for its new line of cameras and doorbells

The voice-overs for these good boys are one of the many highlights.

Endearing tech or gizmo ads are a rarity. Google Nest Cam joins the minority with its new series of ads that illustrate its benefits through the eyes of our beloved furry four-legged friends.

The four ads, made by creative agency Arts & Letters Creative Co., are for Google Nest’s new line of cameras and doorbells. Only this time, we get to see the world of security from the perspective of the ones inside the house, and not those outside.

The premise being Nest cams can detect movement within the homes and outside and alert the owner about it.

As per Muse by Clio, influencers like Brittany Broski (I love cheeseburgers), Joe Dombrowski (Floor is lava) and Alex Toussaint voiced their dulcet tones for the ads.

“The campaign brings to life a world of talking animals, including a dog that thinks the floor is lava, a trio of deer trying to go viral, and a Jack Russell that thinks every package is a cheeseburger,” reads the agency’s Instagram post.

We say it brings a smile to our faces.

What’s, however, interesting is the hashtag used in the campaign. #CaughtOnNestCam is not new, and we’ve seen it used in hilarious campaigns in 2016 and 2017. Also, all the clips were sourced from the public.