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Google pushes ease of using its payment app in new ads

All in one QR code, Play Store recharge in one tap and tracking household bills are Google Pay's features that these ads highlight.

Google’s latest ad spots have put the ease and convenience of using its payment app, Google Pay in the spotlight. The ad-film on Google India’s official YouTube channel features a brother-sister duo competing with in an online video game.

The ad highlights how you can easily do your Play Store recharges in just one tap, and continue your gaming uninterrupted.

In another ad for this campaign, the narrative brings into focus the ease of keeping track of ones household bills and payments like electricity, LPG, TV/DTH, broadband/internet and mobile.

The payments app lets the users set reminders for due dates of these monthly expenses so that they can easily view, track and pay for these household bills.

Additionally, Google Pay can scan and be used to make online payments through all UPI QR codes. This saves users from the hassle of installing multiple payment apps on their smartphones.

Recently, Google also launched a campaign that featured entrepreneurs and SME business owners, shown using Google Tools to carry out daily tasks pertaining to their business. These ads highlighted how Google Tools help keep them safe from scams and phishing attacks.