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Google’s latest ad in #BolneSeSabHoga campaign says voice search can lead to new beginnings

The tech giant has been releasing a series of ads as part of this campaign, showing how its voice search can help transform someone’s life.

Google India has released a new ad, as part of its #BolneSeSabHoga campaign. This ad says that Google’s voice search feature can empower you to create new beginnings.

Like the previous ads, this one too features actor Gajraj Rao. His domestic help asks him how to open a bank account. Rao, instead, helps her ask this question to Google through Hindi voice search. This leads her on a path of discovery and she soon decides that she will start her own dhaba - creating a new journey for herself.

Google has been releasing a series of ads, as part of this campaign, to promote its voice search feature in Hindi. These ads show how the feature can help one get answers to many issues, or help someone achieve their dreams.

Earlier this month, Google released an ad portraying a child’s curiosity about travelling to the moon, and how Rao fuels her desire by gifting her a telescope. The ad also has a subtle gender commentary as the child asks if any woman has travelled to the moon so far. And, on her birthday, when she receives many dolls as gifts, she asks Rao if he has also brought her a doll.

In the first ad launched in December last year, we see Rao learning about the voice search feature from his driver. He then makes others (his daughter, wife, and even a cleaner outside his home) use it to get his questions answered.

The ad made it to the number one position on YouTube’s Top 10 most-watched ads list in February 2021.

A WATConsult report, called ‘Voice Technology in India: Now and Future - Consumer and Business Perspective’, stated that the speech and voice recognition technology market will grow from over Rs 149.95 crore (as of December 2019) to over Rs 210.63 crore by the end of 2020, at a rate of 40.47 per cent.