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Greenlam Industries' TVC 'Kuch Mera, Kuch Tumhara' highlights the power of diverse laminates in transforming homes

The campaign has been conceptualised by Dentsu Creative.

Greenlam Industries, the surfacing solution brand, has introduced a new TVC as part of last year’s campaign, titled "Kuch Mera, Kuch Tumhara” showcasing Greenlam Laminates product portfolio.

The campaign, conceptualised by Dentsu Creative, encapsulates the collaborative effort of a father and a daughter in creating a beautiful home as per their individual choice. While choosing the laminates, they both had difference of opinion and reflects on how the two generations might have different preferences but has the same goal of creating amazing space for a living. The enchantment of crafting splendid living spaces resides in the art of reaching harmonious agreements even with difference in opinions. Greenlam Laminates assures that, regardless of the diverse choices by individuals, the ultimate result will be a beautifully crafted home as the brand understands the vision.

The film has been released on television in eight different regional languages – Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Tamil & Telugu.

Commenting on the launch of the brand campaign, Parul Mittal, Director, Greenlam Industries, said – “At Greenlam, our endeavour is always to understand the pulse of our consumers, keep up with the changing needs & trends to make the transformational journey of building a house, more delightful for them. In continuation to our last year’s campaign hinged on the insight that the journey to a beautiful space is travelled with companions and partners that arrests disagreements. The dream of your unique space is only fulfilled on those negotiated grounds giving birth of “Kuch Mera Kuch Tumhara”. The campaign beautifully mirrored our consumer’s behaviour while showcasing our range that equips them to fulfil their dreams. This year, we have explored a new equation which I am certain will connect with our consumers at an emotional level, delivering greater brand association.”

Commenting on the launch of the brand campaign, Alex Joseph, senior VP marketing, Greenlam Industries, said – “Through this campaign, we aim to resonate with the emotional sentiments and creative needs that our customers have and fulfil them by giving a diverse choice of products to choose from. Our campaign highlights the journey that the consumers go through while designing or renovating their homes. We want our products to not only transform spaces but also to enrich the lives of all of those who come in to contact with them.”

Commenting on the launch, Ujjwal Anand, managing partner, Dentsu Creative, said – “Kuch Mera Kuch Tumhara” isn’t just a campaign for us. It’s an emotional journey, just like the one that is travelled by our consumers to make their space beautiful, fulfilling, and unique. This year, we have explored one of the most beautiful equation between a father and a daughter and the negotiation isn’t restricted to the choices of surface or design but it expands to the emotional aspect of those individuals. The TVC dives deeper into the emotional aspect and showcases how a father who has lost his wife is stuck in the memories while the daughter is wanting for her father to move forward and be the person he used to be. Through the space transformation, she is trying to achieve the milestone of breaking that ice and bring her father to a point where he gets involved in creating new memories with the new space. The film highlights how there is a role reversal between the father and the daughter and will definitely resonate with our consumers, we believe.”

Commenting on the launch, Janmen Joy, chief creative officer, Dentsu Creative North, said – “It is our endeavour to push boundaries and arrive at unique articulations and executions. And when you have a partner like Greenlam, it just becomes so much easier. In continuation to our last year campaign’s success, we really wanted to go beyond and do something extraordinary. With the exploration of this new emotional equation and placing the space transformation as a catalyst to transform a person, we have just done that, we believe. The new TVC will connect with our consumers and partners alike, helping in our recall and association.”

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