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Grey's ad for Sensodyne takes a foodie's approach to tooth sensitivity

Life is too short for tooth sensitivity, says the ad.

With visuals of hot chai, cold ice cream and chilled cocktails, Sensodyne's latest ad could be easily mistaken for an ad from food delivery app Zomato. The ad hinges on a simple concept - that life is too short to let the food lose what makes it special.

For instance, the ad says that life is too short to let the chai get cold, or allow the kulfi to melt. It also lists out different food flavours that cause tooth sensitivity, and tells people that life is too short to compromise on these flavours.

The ad was first spotted on LinkedIn, when it was shared by Rahul Pahwa, vice president of Grey Group Gurgaon. The ad turns the format of toothpaste ads on its head by taking users out of the dentist's office to the point where food is consumed.

Most toothpaste ads also tend to demonise food, especially sweets and chocolates. The ad not only acknowledges that individuals indulge in such food, but also gently nudges them to go ahead and enjoy food while it is still fresh.

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