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GroupM teams up with Google Chrome to launch post-cookie readiness program

The initiative will bring together GroupM clients to understand Google Privacy Sandbox APIs and their use in advertising.

GroupM, WPP’s media investment group has announced the launch of a post-cookie technology readiness program in partnership with Google Chrome. Through this, GroupM clients will get access to the learning program to assess and improve their post-third-party cookie deprecation readiness in a real-life environment, using their own products and audiences.

“We strongly believe advertising can and should respect people’s privacy while continuing to deliver exceptional value for consumers and advertisers. Since Google publicly declared their intention to deprecate third-party cookies, we’ve been collaborating closely with the Chrome team, our clients and other partners to ensure our clients won’t miss a beat when the transition happens”, said Christian Juhl, Global CEO, GroupM.

GroupM is designing a unified framework to understand plans to integrate privacy technologies, including Privacy Sandbox APIs and overlay relevant tests. It will conduct an anonymised meta-analysis across individual brand tests in addition to a brand’s own Privacy Sandbox program. Participating clients will get direct access to testing across GroupM alpha/betas with global ad-tech partners. They will learn at the forefront of industry-altering change, gaining access to GroupM’s collective knowledge.

Chrome will deprecate third-party cookies for approximately one percent of Chrome users at the beginning of Q1 2024. It is critical that advertisers accelerate the testing of alternative approaches and better understand their readiness, in order to maintain marketing effectiveness in a world without third-party cookies.

The outcome of this global program will guide GroupM’s clients on targeting, optimisation and measurement of digital investment across display and video. It will help clients adapt their marketing strategy to maintain relevance and effectiveness in a post-cookie world.

Anthony Chavez, vice president, Privacy Sandbox, Google added, “This program is a key step in our ongoing efforts to ready the industry for the transition to the post-cookie era. Through this readiness program, GroupM and its clients will play an important role in helping to create a more private internet for everyone.” 

The Privacy Sandbox program is being conducted using existing media plans and budget, with no mandatory additional investment, thereby optimising existing campaigns in a future-proofed and privacy-centric manner.

Hero Image credit: GroupM

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