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Gulf Oil's Raksha Bandhan campaign shines a light on trucker life's harsh realities

The campaign #SurakshaBandhan has been conceptualised by Dentsu Creative India.

Gulf Oil, in partnership with Dentsu Creative India, has launched the 'Suraksha Bandhan' campaign, weaving together poignant sibling moments with the harsh realities of trucker life. Each year, Gulf Oil commemorates the Raksha Bandhan festival by addressing challenges faced by Indian truckers, with this year's focus being on tackling the issue of inadequate access to clean drinking water for these road warriors.

The campaign narrative revolves around a concerned sister who, despite her brother's illness and insistence to stay, embarks on a journey. The story culminates in a heartwarming realisation that reshapes their relationship.

In conjunction with the campaign, over 10,000 water filters have been distributed to truck drivers nationwide, while community water filters have been installed in 10 Transport Nagars, facilitating a substantial transformation in the lives of these truckers.

Amit Gheji, head of marketing at Gulf Oil India, highlighted the health challenges faced by truckers due to inadequate access to clean water. The campaign aims to address this issue, especially during the Suraksha Bandhan season, ensuring the well-being of these truck drivers.

Ajeet Shukla, senior group executive creative director at Dentsu Creative India, noted the campaign's simplicity in offering a solution to a significant problem. By immersing the audience in a story inspired by truckers' lives and employing a role-reversal technique, the campaign brings forth a compelling narrative.

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