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Gulshan Group and Buffalo Soldiers forge a new creative partnership

The account will be served from the Delhi-NCR headquarters of the agency.

Buffalo Soldiers, a creative agency, has won the creative, digital and mainline mandate of Gulshan Group, the Delhi-NCR-based real estate company pivoting to luxury-only projects, following a competitive multi-agency pitch.

Yukti Nagpal, Gulshan Group's visionary leader, highlights the essence of this collaboration. "Our partnership with Buffalo Soldiers is more than a business move. It's a fusion of our rich heritage in creating exquisite living spaces with their fresh and vibrant digital expertise. Together, we're crafting narratives that resonate with both our legacy clients and a new generation of homeowners - from Noida to Moradabad."

Sumon K Chakrabarti, co-founder & CEO of Buffalo Soldiers, emphasises the innovative approach. "Working with Gulshan Group challenges us to think differently. We're combining our digital storytelling prowess with their unparalleled expertise in real estate to create a unique brand experience that’s contemporary yet timeless; Gulshan Group's commitment to creating beautiful living spaces is inspiring. We’re excited to add our creative flair to their already impressive narrative."

This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for Gulshan Group as they embark on a significant repositioning in the real estate market. Known for its expansive portfolio, Gulshan Group is now focusing exclusively on ultra-luxury real estate projects, setting new benchmarks in opulence and innovation.

According to the release, Gulshan Dynasty has achieved the distinction of being Noida’s First Platinum Rated Green Home recently. The group is expanding their flagship Gulshan Dynasty’s luxury living to Moradabad.

Buffalo Soldiers, the agency which won the ‘Rising Maverick Agency of 2023’ award, will play a crucial role in this transition, spearheading Gulshan Group's branding and advertising initiatives, ensuring a seamless and impactful transition in the marketplace.

The agency's mandate includes a comprehensive suite of services, from creative conceptualisation to digital strategy, aiming to redefine Gulshan's brand image in alignment with their new ultra-luxury ethos.

"We see our residential projects as canvases for beautiful living experiences. Buffalo Soldiers’ innovative spirit and creative prowess are exactly what we need to paint a picture of modern, exquisite living," said Yukti Nagpal, who has envisioned the transition for the Gulshan Group.

"Gulshan Group's commitment to luxury and excellence resonates with our ethos of delivering new-age creative solutions. We are thrilled to help them navigate this exciting new chapter," said Arnab Kundu, co-founder & head of delivery at Buffalo Soldiers.

Buffalo Soldiers’ role will be to ensure that this elegance is not just seen but felt and experienced by a wider audience, in a way that's both fun and engaging.

The partnership promises to bring a fresh, warm approach to real estate marketing. Expect to see campaigns that are not only visually appealing but also resonate with the hearts and minds of potential homeowners.

With this alliance, Gulshan Group looks to revitalise its brand image, leveraging Buffalo Soldiers' expertise to create compelling and engaging narratives that resonate with modern consumers. Both teams are committed to pushing boundaries, using innovative digital strategies to showcase Gulshan Group’s luxurious residential projects in a new light.

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