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Gypsy Moth initiates integrated branding communications for KKCL-owned fashion brand Killer Jeans

The advertising and marketing agency has acquired the bid to roll out campaigns for the brand.

Mumbai and Bangalore-based advertising and marketing agency, Gypsy Moth, has onboarded the Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited (KKCL) owned fashion frontrunner - Killer Jeans; to execute their branding and communication objectives, keeping in line with their go-to statement: “Killer - This is us.” The creative agency earned the marketing mandate of the fashion brand and will perform the role of Killer Jeans’ creative partner for all marketing campaigns.

Gypsy Moth has identified communication objectives across digital and mainstream media platforms and has come up with marketing exercises that will redefine the conversation in fashion and bring out innovative content pieces for the brand.

Gypsy Moth has initiated the branding journey of Killer Jeans with a strategic campaign put in place over the foundation of the brand’s three motifs - the style statement of Killer Jeans: ‘This is us’, the idea of a ‘Killer Tribe’ for fashion enthusiasts, and finally the ‘Killer Vibe’ that precedes the fashion sense of every Killer Jeans wearer. Further, Gypsy Moth will execute print, digital, and experiential campaigns devised under a streamlined marketing plan. Special attention will be paid to Killer Jeans’ digital marketing strategy. Gypsy Moth will also work on promoting Visual Merchandising for Killer Jeans’ outlets spread across India.

Sharing her thoughts on the experience so far, Priyanka Chugh, Co-founder of Gypsy Moth had this to say, “We have been at the forefront of the fashion vocabulary ever since we started the conversation around Killer Jeans’ brand of unapologetic fashion. Working on identifying the brand’s differentiating voice and visual identity, and creating unique content that is easily consumable, and equally memorable, will be a rewarding experience.”

Adding on, creative director at Gypsy Moth, Sivaprasad Nair says, “this mandate with Killer Jeans gives us a very elaborate opportunity to imagine a new set of visuals and to strategise a completely new roadmap for Killer Jeans on the digital space. This is as exciting as it can get while advertising fashion in India.”

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